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Retrofit 2.0 and Network Logging.

Retrofit 2.0 This is one popular Networking library from Square. It also does support converting...

6 minute read

Shared Preferences - Part 2

This is in continuation to Part 1 In this post, we shall be working on...

4 minute read

Shared Preferences - Part 1

Part 1: (This post) Discussess about What is SharedPreference, How to build the Settings Screen....

4 minute read

Its Android Citizen.

Welcome. With more focus on the platform, i am moving to www.androidcitizen.com, Please follow http://www.facebook.com/AndroidCitizen/...

1 minute read

Lifecycle of an Activity.

Whats an Activity Anything the User can See and Interact with is called User Interface...

3 minute read

Item Click Listener for RecyclerView.

RecyclerView Do Not have setOnItemClickListener, like ListView/View does. This can be achieved by using Interface....

2 minute read